Thirst is a short drama/thriller about three old friends reuniting over dinner during a weekend hunting trip away in the country. 

Ethan, having regaled his friends all weekend with the usual exotic tales of his globetrotting life of adventure, has one extra story to share with his old friends that he promises will top them all. 

A natural storyteller, he draws them in with his adventures in remote Southern Guyana, revealing that he’s brought back something truly remarkable for them, taken from a secretive tribe living deep in the virtually inaccessible mountain jungle.

What he reveals to them, carries with it a significance that stuns them all. Each man's true nature will be brought to the surface as they must decide what happens next.

Will this fateful evening bring about the light of a new era in human evolution, or the shadow of their downfall? One thing is certain, it will change all their lives forever. 
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Director / Producer
Shane Ward

Director of photography
Luca Ciuti

Simon James Morgan (Seed of Chucky) 
Daniel Wiltshire
Jonathan Rhodes (Beacon 77, MI High)

HD 1080p

London, UK

key collaborators
George Kallis - Composer
Mario Pecori - Sound Design

Short Film                                  Thirst
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Winner of an Honorable Mention award at the Los Angeles Movie Awards 2012
Official Selection at the Vancouver International Film Festival 2012